Warner Bros. will now determine vision dates with artificial intelligence


Warner Bros. their managers will now get the analytical information they need when deciding on the vision history of a film through artificial intelligence algorithms, and then reach the final conclusion.

Artificial intelligence, which has taken steps in many areas of our lives, has started to show itself in different subjects as well. Warner Bros. He will soon look at the assessment of artificial intelligence algorithms in determining the vision history of a film.

It will help
The famous film production and distribution company will use the artificial intelligence project management system developed by Cinelytic. The goal here is to prevent the executives from re-performing and depriving them of what is considered to be a low value for each film.

Artificial intelligence will come into play when a film receives vision approval. It will provide analysis to managers on certain criteria such as when a film will be released, how much revenue it can reach in this period, and the contribution of the stars to the film. The directors will look at these analyzes and make the final decision on the vision history of a film.

Directing these analyzes on artificial intelligence will of course enable managers to focus on more productions. Nevertheless, it is stated that the film industry wants to stick to traditional methods instead of relying entirely on artificial intelligence.


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