Warner Bros. reportedly does not rule out abandoning Flash as a last resort


As numerous disputes and court cases involving “Flash” actor Ezra Miller continue to develop, it is believed that the management of Warner Bros. Discovery is far from making a final decision about what to do with them. Instead, the studio is currently considering several scenarios, including one that will lead to the cancellation of the DC blockbuster.

It was almost two months ago when the first news broke that Miller would never play The Flash again after the actor’s reputation was almost irreparably damaged due to a series of incidents in which he was involved over the past two years. However, after the last call from Warner Bros Discovery, at which CEO David Zaslav confirmed the company’s faith in upcoming films such as “Flash”, “Black Adam” and “Shazam!” “Rage of the Gods” and the rejection of a $200 million film starring Miller did not seem like an option.

Contrary to these claims, sources close to The Hollywood Reporter claim that at the moment the question of shelving The Flash is still on the negotiating table, despite the fact that this is an extreme measure, depending on how the situation with Miller develops. This is just one of three alternatives being considered, the first of which is that Miller will seek professional help and publicly declare his erratic behavior, while the premiere of the film will be fine, and they will cover The Flash very limited. On the other hand, even if Miller never tries to atone for his alleged crimes, Warner Bros. Discovery can still release “The Flash” with the actor completely removed from any marketing efforts related to him.

The cancellation scenario will only take effect if Miller’s public image deteriorates further. An example would be if the actor were found guilty or sentenced to prison for any of the incidents covered in the media, such as the burglary charges Miller faced in Vermont. Since “Flash” is a multiverse-type story, and Miller plays several characters, reshooting the film is impossible and, thus, will force Warner to incur losses of $200 million, which will be an unprecedented failure in the industry.

Over the past few years, “The Flash” has been described by devoted fans and insiders as the only event that will reboot the DC cinematic universe and its plot path. However, some rumors also indicate that Zaslav and the company chose the reality of the Snyderverse, only without its namesake creator Zack Snyder. Aside from the constant questions surrounding Miller, DC also has to somehow replace Superman if Henry Cavill eventually steps down from the role, although most fans would prefer the Witcher to continue playing Clark Kent.

Currently, “Flash” is due to be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.


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