Warner Bros. Player wants to focus on games as a service


One of the biggest trends in video games over the last generation has been to transform the main releases into “games as a service”, that is, something that receives a constant flow of news and shopping options over time, and Warner Bros. seems very interested in following that path too!

Inside the jobs page on the official Warner Bros. website. Home Entertainment, it is possible to find an internship in game production that is very revealing: “We are currently involved in a series of new projects ranging from more casual games to major launches of established franchises on multiple platforms, with a strong focus on live services. . ”

It is worth noting that the job description is vague enough to make it impossible to say with certainty if this is something that will be valid for all future releases of the company or not, but it may be a sign that this type of content will show up in his next games, like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights.

What would you think about seeing these big releases being treated as “games as a service”? Do you like or hate this market trend? Comment below!

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