Warner Bros. Montreal: “Gotham Knights


The return of DC characters to video games will occur twice as Rocksteady prepares a Suicide Squad title. Warner Bros has kept their DC projects a secret for many months, despite the fact that their Montreal studios have provided countless clues about their next video game, which, how could it be otherwise, is set in the Dark Knight universe.

The peculiarity is that the DC Comics superhero has died, so it will be Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Redhood who take care of the evildoers in Gotham Nights. But what will the title be like? In an interview with IGN, the producer Fleur Marty has clarified that it is not a game as a service; also that it will be very focused on history.

“It was not designed as a game as a service. There is a tree of abilities that differentiates each of the characters ”. At the same time, the player will be able to craft the equipment, so certain decisions will have to be made. “That doesn’t mean it’s a service-type game,” he argues. The developer, who states that the narrative approach will be present at all times, has reassured fans who feared that Gothan Knights could only be played in company.

“You can fully experience it only if you want to and you won’t miss a thing.” If you do it like this, you should not be connected to the Internet: “We believe that living this fantasy in company can be a great experience for the players, but we are not going to force them to do so,” he explains in the interview.

Not a sequel to the Arkham saga

The new Warner Bros. Montreal play will not follow the continuity of the Batman: Arkham saga, something that Rocksteady’s video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will do. Thus, the production set in Gotham will open new story lines, which will continue to develop or not depending on the public’s response, as is usual.

Gotham Knights is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Its launch is scheduled for next year 2021, still without a more specific date.


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