Warner Bros. Announces Mobile Game of The Lord of the Rings Series


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced its mobile game, which will take place in the Lord of the Rings universe and which will be the subject of the original trilogy. Warner Bros. The mobile game, developed in partnership with Chinese NetEase, will debut under the name ‘Lord of The Rings: Rise to War’.

Amazon, which has recently strengthened its place among broadcast platforms with Prime, is getting ready to take viewers to Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings series in the coming periods. While this series, whose details are not yet known, is eagerly awaited, a news that will please the fans of the series came from Warner Bros..

WB Games, which shared a Twitter account during the day, announced that the legendary series will return as a mobile game. The game, which is jointly developed by Chinese NetEase and Warner Bros., will be presented to mobile players in the coming days as Lord of The Rings: Rise to War.

Lord of The Rings: Rise to War is about the period of the original trilogy:

Mobile game, which increases the curiosity of those who miss Middle-earth, will be about the period of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the events will pass in the Third Age. This means that the game will coincide with the original trilogy. So Lord of The Rings: Rise to War will feature familiar faces and positions waiting for players.

Warner Bros. Games said in a statement that the game was based on Tolkien’s iconic book trilogy. As you know, there were some differences between the films that Peter Jackson adapted from the books. At this point, Lord of The Rings: Rise to War, which will be based entirely on the original story, may contain some details that are described in books but not in movies.

What is known about the game is limited to this for now, but more details are expected to be shared in the coming days. If there is a new development regarding Lord of The Rings: Rise to War, we will continue to inform you. Stay abreast of the developments in this process. Before we conclude our article, let’s ask what you think about adapting a legendary series to mobile gaming. Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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