Warner and DC developed the Superman remake


Marvel and DC are working on a new Superman reboot in theaters, now scripted by Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of Captain America and Black Panther comics, both from the Marvel universe in the comics, and with JJ Abrams producing for Bad Robot.

The information was released on Friday afternoon, the 26th, by Deadline, where he also said that Hannah Minghella will also be producing the feature.

The website stated that there are still no details on the history of the new film and who the actors will be cast, although they have heard that Henry Cavill, the current Superman, would be eager to return to the role, but there is no evidence that the actor , in fact, it will be escalated.

For now we know that Warner Bros and Bad Robot, producer of JJ Abrams, are developing a universe of the Dark Justice League with releases in series and film formats and, because of that, there is expectation that the reboot revealed by Deadline can be part of this new project.

There are rumors that for many years Warner has been planning to introduce a black Superman in theaters, and this may be the chance they have been waiting for. At the time, Michael B. Jordan was reportedly planned to star in the hero’s role.

As stated, details about the plot, actors and start of production have not been revealed, but it is expected that more details will be released soon.