Wargame: Red Dragon has been postponed


The Fortnite Creators Store reports the last minute change and announces that the vacancy will be filled by Dungeons 3.

Epic Games Store has announced a change of plans regarding its next free game, which will arrive tomorrow, November 5, starting at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). Although it was confirmed that Wargame: Red Dragon would be the chosen title, the platform has revealed that it has been delayed, so they have been forced to modify their roadmap. Finally, Dungeons 3 will be the video game that players can obtain at no additional cost.

“The launch of Wargame: Red Dragon has been temporarily delayed and will not be this week’s free game as planned,” they write on Twitter. “Instead we will be offering Dungeons 3 for free on the Epic Games Store from November 5 to November 12.” No additional details have been provided regarding the late arrival of Wargame: Red Dragon on the platform.

Last hours to get Blair Witch and Ghostbusters

Those who have not yet stopped by the Epic Games Store to grab this week’s free titles can still do so. Despite the fact that Halloween is over, you can still be terrified thanks to Blair Witch, one of the video games that you can permanently add to your digital library. The title of Bloober Team based on the homonymous film puts us fully in the shoes of a former policeman, who goes into the forest in search of a missing child. What will happen next cannot be explained rationally. It is the most recent title from the developers of The Medium, a product that will be released on PC and Xbox Series X next December.

Ghostbusters: The Remastered Video Game is the other free video game available, a revamped version that introduces us to the universe of movies with a story full of classic elements, which includes the faces of the original actors.


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