War of the Rohirrim: Lord of the Rings To Win Anime Film


War of the Rohirrim: New Line, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Animation, announced last Thursday (10) the new anime film The War of the Rohirrim, prequel to Lord of the Rings.

The film should follow the plot of Helm Hammerhand, the ninth King of Rohan, one of the most legendary in Tolkien’s history. According to information released by Collider, the spin-off will explore the history of Helm’s Abyss fortress. The place was the haven of Théoden, King of Rohan and his people, where he faced the legions of Saruman from Isengard at The Two Towers.

Directed by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Joseph Chou. The duo are responsible for the films Ghost in the Shell and Ultraman. The screenplay is in the hands of effrey Addiss and Will Matthews, who made the series The Enchanted Crystal: The Age of Resistance. Philippa Boyens, who won the Oscar for co-writing the franchise’s original film, will return to production as a consultant on the project.

The voice actors have not yet been announced, but the casting is underway. The studio will be Sola Entertainment, responsible for Rick and Morty and The God of High School.

The War of the Rohirrim has no release date yet.


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