War of the Avengers: The Ultimatum in 16 bit version


Have you missed that longing for new Marvel movies and, even following WandaVision, are you still waiting anxiously for the release of other features in the franchise? The YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies published an unpublished version of the final battle of Avengers: Ultimatum that, even, will arouse yet another nostalgia: that of old games.

In the section, which combines two works already seen by the network for some time, the scene is presented in 16-bits, bringing an aspect that resembles the titles of the late Mega Drive 3 and Super Nintendo, inseparable companions of many people out there in childhood and in adolescence. One of those responsible for the creation was animator John Stratman, who comments: the remake was inevitable.

Stratman says that after he and his colleague, James Kenny, devoted themselves to launching something similar for Aquaman, several discussions about what the next project would be came up – and he made sure to keep the agenda free with the announcement. of Avengers: Ultimatum, even without knowing any detail of what was ahead.

The result you can see below.

Copied and did not equal

Choosing the cutout was another challenge, reports the professional. In any case, simplified production was not a determining factor, as other moments would require much less work. “This is, by far, my favorite part. When I decided, I took a step back and thought, ‘Am I crazy? Do you know how many characters appear?’ Surprisingly, everything went smoothly. ”

In addition, Stratman points out that his process has been improving for some time, since he started creating 8-bit versions of other features, which helped a lot. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this for a year,” he says, dispensing with technical explanations and limiting himself to revealing that the biggest inspiration was arcade games related to heroes, from which he took advantage of several elements.


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