War forces Steam to share sales data of over 400 games

The legal litigation between the two technology giants continues to drag third companies, this time, with Valve as the main affected.

The most important legal confrontation in recent years between two true technological giants such as Apple and Epic Games continues to add new episodes to a litigation that does not seem to see its end. So much so, that after the latest move with the European Union in between, Apple has put Valve in the middle through a California court, which has required the company that owns Steam the sales data of a total of 436 video games on its platform, all to try to have a broader view of the video game industry by the courts.

“Extraordinary load” of work for Valve

Thus, and as reported by The Verge, a Californian court has required Valve the sales data of more than 400 games on its digital platform for PC, a task that supposes an “extraordinary load” of extra work for employees from Valve; such data will have to be provided to Apple for its litigation against Epic Games.

As can be read in the official document, “Sufficient documents are requested to demonstrate since 2008 Valve’s total annual sales of Steam applications and in-app purchases, annual advertising revenue attributable to Steam, annual product sales. external accounts attributable to Steam, Steam annual revenue, and Steam annual earnings, income, or profit. Apple requests this information by application if it is available ”.

However, Judge Thomas Hixson has ruled in favor of Apple, with the consequent claim to Apple, arguing that the apple firm needs to have all this information to support its arguments against Epic Games. Finally, the period of time on such information has been shortened, being only necessary since 2017 and not since 2015, which does not save Valve from an “overwhelming amount of work”.

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