Wants to convince Pelosi of incentive reduction


Senate Republicans believe that the approval of a new stimulus package necessarily requires the approval of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (California), so they will seek to increase the pressure to reach an agreement.

The plan is for Pelosi to drop her $ 2.2 trillion idea and accept one of the alternate packages, such as the $ 1.3 trillion package from the government of President Donald Trump or the $ 1 trillion Republican.

The key will be to use the Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of 23 Democratic legislators for the November 3 elections, after – according to Republicans – the minority leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer (New York), is not who take the upper hand in this negotiation.

“Schumer is not pressured at all. This is all in Pelosi… he’s running the show, ”a Republican senator told The Hill. He added that 117 House Democrats signed a letter to Pelosi last month asking her to agree to the Worker Relief and Safety Act, which extends the additional $ 600 a week to the unemployment bonus.

The portal cites that the US Chamber of Commerce circulated a memorandum earlier this month indicating its intention to endorse 23 House Democrats, which would put pressure on President Pelosi.

“The question is whether this forces Pelosi to listen to her 20 members in districts where the Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the Democrat,” said the Republican source.

It should be noted that Pelosi has not closed the intention of negotiating an aid package, since on Friday she said she was optimistic about reaching an agreement.


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