He wanted to imitate a ‘Joker’ scene and it all ended in the worst way


Undoubtedly, the movie Joker became one of the most successful of this 2019. With the great performance of Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Philips, the film tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a man who becomes a dangerous criminal . One of the scenes was filmed on the stairs of the Bronx, a place that now welcomes a boom of tourists who want to take pictures there.

Although he did not transcend the identity of this man or the place he chose to do so, the truth is that he will now have more than a bruise on his body.

The man starts very well with his steps but, due to a miscalculation, something goes wrong and causes him to end up on the floor. The video of this moment quickly began to viralize and many took it with humor. Now, the next one who wants to imitate the scene and not be Phoenix himself, should be twice as careful.

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