Wanessa Camargo launches the new song “Por Favor”


Wanessa Camargo is committed to a new career phase. From September, she began releasing one song a month. The first was “I’ll Remember” and this Friday, October 18, the new “Por Favor” came out. The idea of the singer was to rescue the sound she made in the 2000s.

“These are stories that are very personal to me. It’s all about identification, in a way we can connect better. I’m very happy and I’m sure this longing for the missing public will be very cool, ”she explained. The music is so personal that, on the cover, she used a picture of when she was a child.

Along with the song, she decided to release the clip. One of the inspirations was the separation of parents, Zezé di Camargo and Zilu. “How can I choose between him and you?” She sings. “If only I had the power to change everything and, with a magic wand, the wound would close,” he continues. Watch:

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