WandaVision: Writers Misunderstood Marvel Series Plot


WandaVision: Through a conversation with the Producers Guild of America, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, revealed that he faced some difficulties in the WandaVision production process. According to him, the writers were not very willing to understand the issue of sitcoms in the Disney+ series, which would have initially made the development of the narrative difficult.

“The truth is, we found a lot of people who just didn’t understand,” said Feige when talking about WandaVision’s central themes. For him, sitcoms brought “comforting lies” to viewers, making them relax at various opportune moments.

The president of Marvel stated that he watched these comedy series during his rest periods in the production of Avengers: Infinite War (2018). “So how could we use these elements to tell this story, like Wanda’s in particular?” he asked to reinforce his point.

“Having the idea is one thing. Finding people who share a passion for that same idea and can really turn it into something concrete is a whole different thing,” he said.

WandaVision: Learn about the Marvel series creation process

According to what Feige shared with the Hollywood Producers Union, many screenwriters wanted to drop the sitcom idea because, in their view, it didn’t make sense to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Visão (Paul Bettany).

Feige then suggested that precisely this element would be fundamental to the unfolding of the plot in the series. “So Jac [Schaeffer] heard all these discussions and was excited about the high potential the idea had at the time,” he explained.

The use of sitcoms in WandaVision worked as a thematic way to tell a good part of the story and also as a personal link to Wanda’s past. The character was in love with sitcoms as a child and built an alternate version of her life in the midst of this unreal universe.

Thus, the scripts were designed based on Feige’s suggestions. With Matt Shakman’s approach to directing the episodes, the sitcoms were explored in a very creative way.

If you haven’t checked out the production yet, enjoy marathoning its nine episodes through Disney+!


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