WandaVision: two credits post from the last episode


The last episode of WandaVision reached the Disney + catalog this Friday and brought with it two post-credit scenes that piqued fans’ curiosity. As is customary in the MCU (Marvel’s cinematic universe), the post-credit scenes bring connections to the next studio productions. With the first series officially launched by the producer, this could not be different.

Understand the post-credits scenes of the final episode:

Monica and the Skrulls

The first post-credit scene shows Monica’s reunion with the Skrull race. She is told that an FBI agent wants to talk to her at the WestView theater and, when she arrives on the scene, finds out that this agent is, in fact, a Skrull. Then, she says that someone in the space wants to talk to Monica.

It is safe to bet that this person in space is Nick Fury, last seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the film, he uses the Skrulls to keep in touch with Peter Parker, while Nick is on a space station, part of a secret mission.

The contact between the two is an indication that Monica may be part of Secret Invasion, the Disney + series that will accompany the Skrull infiltrated on Earth. In addition, as the Skrulls were last seen on Captain Marvel, it is also a connection to the sequel Captain Marvel 2, scheduled for November 2022.

Astral projection

Those who stopped seeing there missed one of the best post-credits scenes ever produced by the MCU. After all, before ending the WandaVision series for good, we have yet another additional scene.

Wanda is in a booth in what appears to be a secluded spot. She is calm and enters the house after hearing the sound of her kettle. Then, the camera heads to a dark room, where an astral projection of the Scarlet Witch is studying the Darkhold. All this while she hears the voice of her children asking for help.

The Darkhold, also known as the Book of the Damned, holds many secrets of Black Magic. Therefore, he may be the key to Wanda being able to bring his twins back. As Agatha has already said that she is even more powerful than the Supreme Wizard and is destined to bring Chaos to the world, this is the connection of WandaVision with the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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