WandaVision: talking about director and screenwriter


The last episode of WandaVision answered many of the questions that were opened during the series, but it also created new questions. Check out what the show’s director and screenwriter, Matt Shakman and Jac Schaeffer, have to say about these questions and the final moments of the production.

Heads up! This text contains WandaVision spoilers

The 5 stages of mourning

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matt Shakman states that the series completed its main story, Wanda’s grief. According to the director, they were based on the 5 stages of that moment of pain: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance.

That’s what Avenger does in the end. She accepts that she can no longer continue with this fantasy and that she needs to say goodbye to Visão. In addition, she also accepts her role as Scarlet Witch and her place in the world.

WandaVision and the clues to the future of Marvel

The post-credit scenes from the last episode made it clear that the series connects directly with Captain Marvel 2 and Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness.

According to Shakman, he worked closely with the creative teams of the two features. In fact, some WandaVision producers and writers are part of the team that will continue Carol Danvers’ story in the cinema.


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