“WandaVision”: Scarlet Witch has suffered enough in the MCU


The director of the next Marvel Studios series on Disney +, “WandaVision”, says that Scarlet Witch has suffered enough in the MCU

“WandaVision” is nearing its long-awaited debut, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are eager to welcome the success of Disney +. Wanda and Vision are spearheading this project, but director Matt Shakman wants to make one thing clear about heroin in a recent interview.

During a chat with the New York Times, Shakman spoke extensively about the creation of “WandaVision” and its suburban environment . It was there that the director spoke about Wanda’s past, and Shakman emphasized how her reputation as someone who has suffered includes her role as Wanda on the show.

“Wanda is probably the person who has suffered the most in the MCU,” Shakman explained. And so the show is always based on that. Although what you see are faithfully recreated television programs, much more is happening than meets the eye ”.

Of course, it is difficult to deny the suffering that Wanda has endured . Before she was taken to a world of heroes , Wanda and her brother lived in a country ravaged by war that ultimately led to the death of their parents. The rest apparently in the age of Ultron is history.

If you’re ready to join Wanda in this Disney + series , “ WandaVision ”will be released on January 15th.

The premiere will contain the first two episodes before they are released more weekly.


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