WandaVision: Paul thought he was going to be fired.


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Bettany, Vision interpreter on the WandaVision series, said he believed he would be fired from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seeing his character’s death in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, the actor was surprised by Kevin Feige when he was summoned to a presentation meeting of the Disney + series. The production, which opened on Friday (15), still has Elizabeth Olsen in the cast, as Wanda Maximoff, Vision’s wife.

“My contract had ended, but I got a call from Kevin Feige saying to come to his office,” she said. “And when the boss calls you asking you to come to your office when the contract ends, we already know what that means,” he added.

Throughout the interview, the actor also said that, when meeting with Feige, he thought about leaving the atmosphere relaxed, even though he thought he would receive a closing news. “Kevin asked if I was giving up and I said: No, aren’t you saying goodbye?”

Then Bettany continued to talk about her story when she accepted Feige’s proposal. “I’m always thinking that I’m going to get fired. I spent my whole life like that ”, justified his reaction.

Paul Bettany missed out on Avengers: Endgame

Due to his confirmed participation in WandaVision, Bettany commented that he was not sad to be left out of the last film of the Avengers franchise.

“I would have been [upset], but at that moment I already knew why. And then we spent a year filming that why ”, he highlighted, pointing to the Disney + series as a great Marvel project and that Kevin Feige has a great vision about his projects.

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