WandaVision: Kevin Feige Talks About Possible Season 2


WandaVision: In a Q&A session with Marvel fans on a PaleyFest virtual panel, Kevin Feige, the studio’s president, was asked if there would be WandaVision’s long-awaited renewal of Season 2 or if the series aired by Disney+ would evolve into one other thing.

“Yes, [there will be] an evolution of the plot,” he commented. “Probably and inevitably on many different levels,” he concluded, referring to the continuity of the stories of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) in the MCU.

Even though Feige’s response was rather vague, he made an important statement that could calm all fans about the appearance of these beloved characters in future plots.

WandaVision managed to surprise viewers over the weeks it was on display, showing all the nuances of the Scarlet Witch’s grief while facing new challenges. In this context, many questions arose involving the appearance of Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) and a new Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters).

WandaVision: the continuation of the characters from the series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

As the final scene in the Marvel series highlighted, Wanda will continue her journey. For this reason, there is great expectation for the development of a dramatic arc involving his trajectory in the film Doutor Estranho no Multiverso da Loucura, which should be released in 2022.

Certainly, the Scarlet Witch’s powers related to altering reality will be addressed, given that, apparently, there is an imminent threat of the multiverse being broken. Some details about this are already being worked on in Loki, which airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney’s streaming.

Feige has already confirmed that the production will be the next in which the audience will be able to see the series evolving and, according to him, it will not be the last. “There will be other places,” he revealed.

Therefore, while the audience is not necessarily awarded a season 2 of WandaVision, their characters will continue their legacy on the MCU.

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