WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen explains some events


In a few episodes, WandaVision, from Disney +, has already established its main conflicts very well and also inserted itself forcefully in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, some recent events have caught the attention of the public and Wanda Maximoff’s interpreter, Elizabeth Olsen, explained some of them to the public.


In an interview with TV Line, the actress said that her character is just beginning to remember some facts from the past in this alternative reality in which she is residing – an almost perfect reality, emphasized by the climate of classic sitcoms.

“The experience of having just gone through the birth [of your children] may explain what triggered this memory that had been crushed at some other time,” explained Olsen, referring to the moment when Wanda quotes his brother Pietro.

“From then on, she starts to connect with those memories that are not so accessible. And we will continue to observe it during this discovery process with more moments of this type, ”she said, arguing that the 3rd episode of WandaVision is very important at this stage of the narrative.

WandaVision: episode 1×3 creates a character alert
As seen in the third episode of WandaVision – and suggested in previous moments – the reality in which the characters live is full of mystery. However, from the interactions of Wanda and Geraldine (Teyonah Parris), certain elements that seemed vague begin to make sense.

Apparently, Wanda does not want to remember her painful memories and there are several people and objects that prevent her from going as planned. In this episode, it is visible that her husband (played by Paul Bettany) has already started to notice some flaws in this so perfect world.

What will happen? The next episode of WandaVision will be available on Disney + on January 29.


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