WandaVision: Disney + series to debut in 2021 in Brazil


WandaVision, one of the most anticipated Marvel series by fans on Disney +, is due to debut in Brazil only in January 2021. The information was revealed through prints, posted on Twitter, of a conversation held between a Costa Rican subscriber and support. the platform.

Initially, the production, which has Elizabeth Olsen in the lead role of the Sorceress Escalate, was promised by Disney streaming to be released later this year. But, apparently, this will apply only to the United States. In Latin America, including Brazil, the series should arrive next year.

Although the time interval between entreias in the United States and Latin America is not great, fans have already shown themselves to be a little upset with the news through the responses given to the publication of the images on Twitter.

The user who released the information, also, talks about other content in the streaming catalog that should arrive soon.

“Information on Disney + for Latin America”, announced the first line of the publication. “I communicated with Disney + customer support about the content and services: We will have the 31 seasons of The Simpsons on November 17th, WandaVision will premiere in January, we will also have Avatar and The Rebel Novice”, he finished sharing the images.

Remember that the Disney + streaming service has not yet officially revealed the series’ debut date. For now, fans are left to wait for news related to the launch of WandaVision.

Disney + should arrive in Brazil next week, more specifically on the 17th, signing partnerships with Globoplay and Amazon Prime Video for cheaper subscription plans.

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