WandaVision: Agnes exposes Wanda’s traumatic past



We are very close to knowing the outcome of the WandaVision series, produced by Marvel and broadcast by Disney + since January 15 this year. The plot, which began timidly and gradually conquered viewers with its diverse nuances, increasingly shows its narrative power.

The 1×8 episode, released this Friday (26th), however, exposed the audience with some answers to certain doubts implanted at the beginning of the season, but at the same time also left different questions that can only be resolved in the end – or even other Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.

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WandaVision: Agnes finally reveals herself to Wanda and traumas of the protagonists are exposed

In last week’s episode, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) finally revealed herself to be Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch, who in the comics was even the teacher of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). In this way, in the title “Previously On”, the public is taken to know a little about her origins in a quick passage full of dark mysteries.

With those first minutes, some clues are already released that manage to define what would come next. In a confrontation with Wanda, Agatha explains a good part of her intentions, talking about how everything had happened until the two arrived at that point and also showing how nothing Wanda could do could free her from the place where the two were.

It is worth remembering that to lure her there, the witch kidnapped the twins Tommy and Billy. This is how she is also able to get Wanda to explain in detail what happened during the manipulation of reality in Westview. In this context, the two embark on a very painful journey for the protagonist, who provides emotional moments for the audience.

At first, Agatha guides Wanda into her childhood, when her parents were killed by a bombing raid in their home country. At the time, she and Pietro, her twin brother, watched a famous sitcom from the 1950s and had fun with all the gags illustrated by the television characters.


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