WandaVision 1×7: the fight for control of WestView


The 1×7 episode of WandaVision did what Marvel does best: surprise us. It is true that the end of the last three episodes has already left us more than looking forward to the next chapter. However, this time, we got closer to understanding what’s really going on at WestView and figured out who is likely to be Wanda’s greatest enemy in the Marvel series.

Check out the recap below!


Understand the end of episode 1×7 of WandaVision

The series apparently created by Wanda Maximoff reached the era of comedies that break the fourth wall (including, this is the title of the episode) of television, such as Modern Family and The Office. After expanding Hex and swallowing more than half of the S.W.O.R.D. team, Wanda wants a day for herself.

While the kids play with their video games, the control changes all the time and they ask their mom what is going on. Wanda seems close to having a kind of breakdown, so Agnes offers to take care of the two boys while she rests. In the meantime, she realizes that things keep changing around her and cannot explain what is happening.

On the edge of WestView, Vision finds Darcy and recovers her memory. Together, the two try to get to Wanda’s house, but she seems to be creating obstacles so that Vision doesn’t return. In the car, Darcy explains about Vision’s first death and Ultron’s creation of it. She doesn’t know how he came back to life, but she is sure that he will only stay alive as long as he is inside the border.

Outside of Hex, Monica asks for help from people loyal to her mother and decides that she needs to go back to WestView and warn Wanda of Hayward’s plans: use Vision’s body as a weapon. When she crosses the border, she is almost disintegrated, but she manages to gather her strength to get to the side and, surprise: she acquires superpowers!

Upon finding Wanda, Monica tries to alert her, but the Scarlet Witch does not want to hear. Before her anger destroys WestView, Agnes stops the confrontation between the two and takes Wanda to her home. That’s where we have the most surprising revelation to date. In fact, it is not Wanda who is controlling WestView, but Agnes.

Upon entering Agnes’ basement, Wanda discovers that the place is actually like a witch’s lair. Agnes introduces herself as Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch from the Marvel universe. A video shows that she commands what happens inside Hex from the beginning.


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