WandaVision 1×7: episode Must Remember Family


Nearing the end of its first season, WandaVision has yet to answer many questions. In a scene released by Marvel, we see Wanda talking directly to the camera, as in a fake documentary.

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Unraveling the new scene

Following the pattern of always honoring a comedy series in each episode, the new chapter should be inspired by Modern Family. But unlike the Pritchett family, Wanda is no ordinary mother who is simply tired.

During the scene, we see Billy and Tommy’s video game controls start to fail as they turn into older devices, until the moment they see an UNO deck.

Could it be that Wanda’s exhaustion is causing these problems? Considering that she expended considerable energy to expand her reality beyond Westview, it would come as no surprise.

In addition to the weariness of the Scarlet Witch, we also see Billy complaining that his head is strange and noisy. Did he, like the comics, inherit his mother’s powers?

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With new episodes every Friday at Disney +, WandaVision pays homage to famous comedies to show the daily lives of the couple Wanda and Visão. The series, which started phase 4 of the MCU, has 9 episodes in total. The last chapter is scheduled to air on March 12, 2021.


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