WandaVision 1×4: bringing answers to mysteries


That WandaVision, a Marvel series aired on streaming Disney +, has several mysteries that have not been explained yet, all viewers already know.

However, this week’s episode, 1×4, entitled “We Interrupt This Program”, consists of a narrative break for everything that had been presented so far.

Learn more about it with our recap!


WandaVision: all about the 1×4 episode of the Marvel series

Last week, after the interesting delivery of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), viewers saw that neighbor Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) made some comments that did not make Westview’s new mother very happy.

Thus, at the end of that episode, the audience watched the expulsion of the character, who is actually agent Monica Rambeau, from the alternative reality that Wanda and Visão (Paul Bettany) reside in.

However, at the beginning of the episode presented this week, we see some confusion in a hospital involving missing persons and Monica looking for a mother who is no longer there.

Then she returns to her job at SWORD and receives a new assignment. Upon meeting with Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), of the FBI, she discovers that Westview does not actually exist.

From there, she launches one of her image capture instruments, stylized on a helicopter, within the atmosphere attributed to the mysterious city. And, monitoring the equipment, she realizes that the object disappeared in the middle of that place. Intrigued by what happened, Monica approaches the “invisible protective barrier” and is sucked into that reality.

Later, Dr. Darcy Lewis (played by Kat Dennings) and all of her technological devices arrive to try to solve the problem. It is from there, with her discoveries, that everyone involved in Monica’s rescue gets to know the show that Wanda and Visão participate in, in addition to trying to understand what is happening.

What’s next on WandaVision?

While Darcy and Jimmy are busy analyzing the show, taking notes, talking about life and trying to understand why the episodes span so many different times, they realize that Monica is participating in the cast. Gradually, some missing persons are also identified as members of the fictional production.

At this point, we follow the advances of Monica’s rescue mission agents trying to contact what appears on the show – since, in a way, it occurs in real time.


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