WandaVision 1×3: Wanda is supervised by SWORD



The new episode of the first season of WandaVision has already been made available on Disney + and continues to prove that the Marvel universe is committed to the production of quality series. With the new chapter, we begin to better understand the parallel reality in which the Scarlet Witch and Vision are currently living.

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More details of episode 1×3 of WandaVision

In the Marvel series, Wanda finally arrives at the moment of having her son, while the clumsy father runs to find doctors who can help her. With that, Wanda is in the care of Geraldine, her neighbor. However, she seems sad to have a child, since the baby reminds her of her brother Pietro.

The character was killed in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, being one of the most decisive moments for the Scarlet Witch. However, Geraldine knows exactly what happened, which is suspect for an ordinary neighbor.

Then, Wanda realizes that Geraldine wears a necklace with a symbol that she immediately recognizes as SWORD. For those who don’t remember, this is the institution created by Nick Fury to keep an eye on it. So, the neighbor is practically ejected from this reality in which Wanda and Visão are.

This was extremely important for us to understand that both really live in an alternative reality created by the Scarlet Witch. So this may be the solution to the mystery of how Vision is alive. After all, the character was murdered by Thanos when he stole the Soul Jewel, also in Marvel’s The Avengers franchise.

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In addition, we now know that SWORD continues to watch the character. However, until now, it is not possible to know if it is under the control of a villain or even if reality was created at some point of uncontrolled.

Still on Geraldine, it is also worth remembering that this is not her real name on WandaVision. In fact, she is Monica Rambeau, daughter of Captain Marvel’s best friend. Her friendship with the heroine was the reason she joined SWORD and this should not be the end of the future heroine. In fact, her encounter with Wanda and her expulsion from the alternative reality may be the precursor to the development of her superpowers.

In the comics, Monica becomes Spectrum after being hit by powerful energy. So, will she be a fixed character in the Marvel series?

Each week, a new episode of WandaVision is released on Disney +. What do you think will happen in the next chapters? Leave your comment below!


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