WandaVision: 10 facts about Scarlet Witch’s powers


Even with only four episodes released on Disney +, the WandaVision series was one of the big surprises for Marvel fans. After all, the series explores the world of Wanda Maximoff in an alternative reality, of which Visão – which we believed to be dead – is also part of. However, that’s not all that makes the series so amazing!

The Scarlet Witch’s powers have finally begun to be explored and we can better understand her abilities and limitations. Want to find out too?

Check out ten curiosities about the powers of the Scarlet Witch.

10. her powers can be blocked

Maximoff has psychic powers that alter reality and launch real waves of energy. They come from the Jewel of the Mind, to which she was exposed when she was a HYDRA agent. What you may not have realized is that they can be blocked. During the Battle of Wakanda, Maximoff is hit and loses focus, which limits her ability. Therefore, as much as they are powers of the mind, they seem to be connected with its movements.

9. The force field has a limit

Wanda’s force field cannot be stretched infinitely. This power serves as a form of shield to protect it from any other hero who stays within the field. However, in addition to not being infinite, it can also break if hit too hard.

8. She can go back in time

The Scarlet Witch can also go back in time, which is not that uncommon in the Marvel universe. So, one wonders why the Avengers didn’t ask for her help to stop Thanos.

7. She can conjure objects

One of Wanda Maximoff’s most surprising skills is the ability to conjure objects with the power of the mind or hands. In fact, in the Marvel series, she gets pregnant just thinking about babies. Likewise, she is able to create very elegant dresses simply by snapping her fingers.

6. Maybe she can fly

This is not a certainty, but there is a chance that the Scarlet Witch could fly. This power would be related to the energy waves that can be projected towards the ground. With that, the WandaVision protagonist could levitate – at least for a few seconds.

5. She can (and even likes) reading minds

Wanda Maximoff has entered the minds of other Marvel characters several times. For example, she has already incapacitated the Avengers just to enter their minds and read both their thoughts and their memories. In addition, power was also used against Ultron, allowing superheroes to discover their true intentions.

4. It can control the time

In one of the recent episodes available on Disney +, Wanda can control the weather. When her water bag bursts, it quickly creates a storm just around Visão’s house. This was the first time that this power was revealed in the Marvel universe.

3. Maybe it can disintegrate objects

The range of powers of the Scarlet Witch is very vast and, no doubt, still unknown in its entirety. Therefore, we can assume that one of those powers not yet revealed in the Marvel series is the ability to disintegrate objects. After all, when she realizes her brother’s death, Wanda manages to disintegrate Ultron’s insides. Therefore, this could also be applied to objects.

2. It can reverse the powers of the Mind Jewel

The Jewel can control the mind of anyone who comes into contact with it. Therefore, Wanda Maximoff’s powers are directly related to the stone; therefore, she is the only one able to reverse its effects, which was proven when she managed to free Hellen Cho from her control.

1. Other people can be part of your reality

Finally, one of the biggest curiosities about the powers of the Scarlet Witch is the possibility of other people being part of the realities created by her. In addition to Vision himself, Carol Danvers’ best friend Monica Rambeau also manages to enter the universe she created.

This is one of WandaVision’s biggest surprises, as she herself did not expect this to happen.

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