Walter White Announces Coronary Infusion But Heals


Bryan Cranston, who portrays the character of Walter White in Breaking Bad, announced that he was caught in coronavirus but survived the disease after a successful treatment.

Recently Lad21 by Lad Bible. Veteran actor Bryan Cranston, who played the character of Walter White in the leading role of the Breaking Bad series, which was chosen as the best series of the century, announced that he was defeating the coronavirus that influenced the whole world.

Cranston, who shared a video on Instagram and published a long explanation, stated that he had a successful treatment process and showed mild coronavirus symptoms such as loss of smell and taste, chest pain, headache.

Video by Bryan Cranston on Instagram

Cranston, who started shooting the video he shared, from the University of California blood center (UCLA), stated that he donated plasma to support research on COVID-19 and to help other patients.

Cranston, who warned the viewers about the mask and social distance issues, stated that although he adhered to all the rules, he was caught with COVID-19, so it is extremely important to be careful.

Bryan Cranston, 64, set the throne in the hearts of millions with the character of Walter White, who started broadcasting in 2008 and played in the Breaking Bad series, which passed away in 2013. Last year, Cranston had once again brought the character of Walter White to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.


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