Walt Disney World is considering another lawsuit after a woman died in an accident at the resort


Millions of people from all over the world visit Walt Disney World every year, and accidents happen to so many people at any given time. For the most part, these incidents go unnoticed, unless they involve fire trucks on Main Street USA. From time to time, situations arise that lead to a lawsuit, and sometimes, unfortunately, there are incidents that end in death. Now Disney World is engaged in a lawsuit over a death that occurred last year due to an injury allegedly received at the resort.

According to Florida Politics, travel agent Jessica Straub was at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort in December 2020 when she fell and hit her head. According to the medical examiner, Straub died four days later “due to blunt force trauma to the head as a result of a fall from a standing height.” The lawsuit against Disney World was filed by Justin Morrison, the victim’s brother.

Disney World has not yet published any documentation related to the incident, so we have no other details as to what exactly happened, but Morrison clearly believes that the theme park resort is somehow responsible in some aspect that led to the accident that occurred or, possibly, to the decisions taken. after him.

Lawsuits after accidents on the territory of Walt Disney World are certainly not uncommon. A recent accident involving a Disney World Cast member resulted in a significant OSHA fine. Although such accidents are rare, when you consider how many people visit the resort, when they happen frequently on the rides, there is usually a lawsuit. However, we rarely hear that such claims reach the court, so they are almost always settled out of court.

Death in Walt Disney World is a complicated topic. It is often repeated that no one has ever died at a Disney resort, and that the company will even go to any lengths to prove it. Although it doesn’t look like this woman died on the grounds, she died a few days after the fall, although the location is not clear, there were deaths every time at Disney World, it’s terrible.

In December last year, it turned out that the guest had a heart attack while staying at the Contemporary Resort. Although it was an accidental event, it was no less tragic. At the time, it was revealed that the emergency response services in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the municipal area that includes Walt Disney World, were understaffed, as the resort had been to some extent since opening after the pandemic closed.

We will be monitoring this to see if additional details will be published that will shed light on why this accident required legal action. Although, as in most other cases, this is likely to be settled before the case goes to court.