Walt Disney Theme Parks Add a “Polite” Reminder to Websites After Fights In the Happiest Place on Earth


Walt Disney theme parks have always claimed to be the “happiest place on Earth”. It’s an image that works for the most part; thanks to rides like the ones based on the new movie “Avatar: The Path of Water,” capturing the imagination and capturing park visitors with such skill.

However, as we all know, fights periodically break out in these magical kingdoms, and now Disney has put a completely new “polite” reminder to try to prevent such actions. This new attention to the rules and regulations of Disney parks is due to a recent update (via Deadline), in which the following appeared on the official websites of the parks:

We ask everyone who comes to this happy place to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion.

“Respect, kindness and compassion” seem to be practically written on the gates of any property in Disney parks. However, this did not prevent some from getting into drunken fights in Disney Springs, which escalate into not very magical meetings. Some of these moments even threatened serious imprisonment for Disneyland guests who broke this spell of peaceful charm with an incident made by themselves.

While that doesn’t mean you can’t go to Walt Disney Park without expecting a fight, this phenomenon has become more acutely publicized in the age of social media. Thus, it is wise for the company to include a heartfelt warning for those who enter this happy place. Think of it as Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder while you discuss buying tickets to Hopper Park in honor of the debut of the Tron Lightcycle Run next year.

Think about it, maybe now is the time to revise the rules of the road for you, fans of Disney parks. This is especially for those of you who can potentially shoot such moments on video, thanks to this item in the “Prohibited actions” section:

Photo, video or recording of any kind or other participation in any activity for unauthorized commercial purposes.

Anyway, we should all hope for more charming videos of people meeting their future loved ones at Disneyland, or Mickey Mouse meeting Walt Disney cosplayer to get online. After all, this is the happiest place on Earth that we are talking about here. We’ll all have to wait and see if this new courtesy notice will reduce the number of incidents at Disney parks.

In the meantime, take these words to heart, because who wants to spoil the pleasure of such a fun trip like this? It is better to return home with a pair of mouse ears and a smile than with metal bracelets and a jar. Remember: life is short, the Internet is eternal, and trips to Disneyland are expensive.


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