Walmart to test deliveries with autonomous electric vehicles


Walmart will partner with the Cruise company, which constitutes autonomous electric cars.

Walmart announced that it will test product delivery using autonomous electric vehicles, with the intention of expanding the use of these machines in a variety of industries.

The company said Tuesday that it will partner with the technology company Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, to conduct pilot tests in 2021.

The autonomous car pilot with Cruise will begin next year in Scottsdale, Arizona, where customers will have the opportunity to receive their orders in an autonomous electric vehicle.

This isn’t the first time the Minotist giant has tested autonomous cars, but it notes that Cruise is the only company right now that has a full fleet of autonomous electric cars that use fully renewable energy.

Things won’t change much for customers: Walmart says orders will be placed at your local store as usual, with the only difference being that they will be delivered in a self-driving electric car. These will be contactless deliveries, but no additional details were provided.

Walmart had already tested autonomous vehicles

The American company has been testing autonomous delivery and transportation for years, piloting a grocery delivery service with aerial drones, COVID-19 test deliveries by drone, and an autonomous shuttle.

“The technology that has the potential to not only save customers time and money, but is also useful for the planet is the technology we want to learn more about,” writes Tom Ward, senior vice president of customer products, Walmart US. .

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Walmart is one of many companies that are testing the use of autonomous vehicles as part of their business, such as PepsiCo that last year introduced “snackbots” that autonomously deliver snacks to college students.


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