Wally West Returns To “The Flash” To Warn Us Of The Danger


“Death of the Speed ​​Force” is the message through this enigmatic force

After seeing the iconic Flash of Ezra Miller being in front of the Grant Gustin Flash sharing camera, nothing could surprise us more the fans of the sprinter, except for the appearance of Wally West who returns next March 3 to the series of “ The Flash. ”

The sprinter has been missing for a while, and it even seemed that he could have died during the comic link with “Crisis in Infinite Lands , ” but instead he seems to be returning to see Team Flash because he is pretty sure there is something there. wrong with the Speed ​​Force.

The energy field in which the two flashes and all other sprinters get their powers is in danger, however, what to do about it will be something we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see it revealed.

Hopefully this Kid Flash (Wally West) brings with it answers and we can watch Ezra Miller as Flash take screen again in the DC Comics series .


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