Wallpapers for iPhone 12 have been shared!


After the introduction of the iPhone 12 family, wallpapers on the screen of the phones were also released during the event. Alongside the new iPhone 12 family, HomePod Mini and MagSafe were also introduced at the Apple event. The remarkable event was followed by millions of people. The most striking detail of the event was undoubtedly the removal of products such as chargers and headphones from the contents of the box of iPhones to be purchased from now on. Besides Apple’s decision, wallpapers for iPhone 12 were shared.

Wallpapers for iPhone 12, compatible with iPhone of different colors

It looks really good on the phone’s home screen as the resolution of the official wallpapers is high. Here are the wallpapers on the iPhone 12’s screen during the event. Round and interlocking rings are preferred in the design of this background.

Images taken directly from iOS were shared on the website idownloadblog. These images, which appear as wallpapers of iPhone 12, are 12 in total. If you want to download these wallpapers in different colors, you can download them from the download icon next to the gallery at the beginning of the news. These images, which are shared separately for users who use their iPhones in light version and dark version, can be easily downloaded and used.


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