Wallet with fingerprint recognition technology from Gate.io!


Gate.io, the global digital asset exchange, announced the launch of its hardware wallet Wallet S1 to help users secure, secure and store their assets and private keys.

Gate.io has launched Wallet S1, a professional hardware wallet for users who do not have the expertise to securely store their private keys.

Wallet S1 is a private key storage solution for funds. The next generation wallet has an easy-to-use built-in display with fingerprint recognition that supports secure storage for more than 10,000 digital assets including BTC, ETH and EOS, among other cryptocurrencies.

Asset security has become the most important part of the decentralized finance world, with DeFi rapidly dominating the market. When users keep their assets and own their private keys, they are not limited to the restrictions imposed by a central platform, they lose professional surveillance and security services. Wallet S1 provides a solid security mechanism for users to have their own private keys without worrying about funds security.

Wallet S1 is easy to use and portable. Users can synchronize their device, laptop or mobile device with fingerprint functionality, with the hardware wallet to authorize transactions with fingerprints only.

“Wallet S1 is extremely secure,” Gate.io CMO’s Marie Tatibouet said on the subject. The private key is locked in the hardware itself, securely away from the internet, and the user can more easily transfer daily use with signature entry. “The wallet is the first hardware wallet with a world-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm that can be automatically initiated while detecting a brute force attack.”

Wallet S1 is a core part of the public blockchains GateChain, according to Gate.io. Gate.io is also exploring more widespread use in the DeFi field with the GateChain DeFi network. For enterprise-grade use cases, Wallet S1 can be used with GateChain’s Vault address to gain enhanced security for large-scale asset storage as a business or financial institution. Wallet S1 hardware can be used with wallet.io pro.


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