Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up comes with AR features


In May last year, Aardman announced the development of a new game for Android and iOS that would take the duo Wallace and Gromit to the screens of Android and iOS phones for a gaming experience with augmented reality features that could be played without leaving : the game Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up.

Now, after a few months of development, the title has finally started to be released for eligible devices in some parts of the world. Although not yet officially available in Brazil, it is possible that over the next few weeks Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up will be added to the Brazilian stores on the App Store and Play Store.

In the title, the player must use the augmented reality features of his cell phones to control his character, who will be an employee of the company Spick & Spanners, responsible for “fixing” the city of Bristol. The gamer can still interact in various ways with the other characters in the game and with its history.

The game was developed by Fictioneers in partnership with Aardman and the developer points out that the game still allows “you to become part of the history of Wallace & Gromit.”

We believe it is an unprecedented experience, part of our vision to take advantage of multiple technologies, types of media and formats to tell improved, collaborative and immersive stories in real time. To this end, we developed a software platform, the MUST Platform, to allow creative teams to design stories, schedules and activities in real time and then integrate a variety of transmedia to support those stories. With The Big Fix Up, we have created a new, rich and multilayered experience, where, for the first time in history, you can become part of the Wallace & Gromit story.

Scott Ewings,
Developer at Fictioneers
The game is now available on the Play Store and App Store in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, for example. However, there is still no forecast for its arrival in the Brazilian market.


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