Wall Street Fits Home


While the coronavirus epidemic has put the world in a panic mood, many companies have started to give their employees the opportunity to work remotely. Wall Street traders have also started working remotely.

NYSE Even Closed
Wall Street traders usually work from the office, like many other employees, and take office at the company’s business desks. However, this situation started to change after the coronavirus epidemic spread to the USA. Many stock market traders in the country quarantined themselves and started working from home.

Investment companies in the country started to send their employees home, especially after the coronavirus test of some traders at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was positive. In this process, NYSE decided to close the trading desks and carried all transactions to electronic environment.

According to New York Stock Exchange President Stacey Cunningham, the stock market will remain closed for a while:

“We will reopen when we are sure we can keep people safe.”

During this period, traders in commercial centers such as New York and Boston started to work from home.

Remote Trade
According to CNBC’s news, stock market traders have not encountered any problems while working remotely. John Monaco, one of the Wellington Shield traders, explains his current situation as follows:

“I have a Mac computer in front of me, a 27-inch monitor in front of me; My order management system is also ready. I can trade without going to the trading desk. ”

According to the statements of Steve Starker, who manages a trade desk called BTIG, many merchants working under the company started to work from home. These employees have also managed to operate smoothly so far:

“93% of our working staff work from home and 98% of them actively take action.”

Communication with Investors
Traders working at these trading desks may need to communicate with their customers regularly and check their portfolios. So how do companies communicate with investors in this process?

Especially recently, we are starting to hear the names of platforms like Zoom frequently. These traders also use Zoom or similar platforms. According to Starker’s comments, there has been no problem in this regard so far:

We have instant messaging applications, we use WebEx or Zoom.

The coronavirus epidemic continues to affect the world. Because of this epidemic, many shops have shuttered, the daily life of many people has been adversely affected. This epidemic seems to have directly affected the investment world for now.

We will see if there will be a change in people’s working habits after the coronavirus epidemic is taken under control. Perhaps the culture of investment will change drastically in the future.