The Walking Dead: a spin-off on Negan to predict?


Season 10 of The Walking Dead brought forward Negan and the character still impresses fans as much. However, a movie or a spin-off on this big villain could see the day.

The new season of The Walking Dead has begun and it focuses on the conflicts between Whisperers and the Daryl community. The group of Alpha is cruel and has already made many deaths. So, some fans think that Alpha could be even more cruel than Negan. The character has held a reputation since he killed Glenn with his baseball bat.

Despite his many killings, Negan is a popular character in The Walking Dead and fans love to hate him. Moreover, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been discreet in season 9 and is finally back in the new season. The latter seems more cunning than ever and still intrigues the fans. So, everyone would like to learn more about this character.

Negan is still a very mysterious character in The Walking Dead. So, fans would like to have a movie or a spin-off around this villain. Jeffrey Dean Morgan answered a few questions from the fans and he also seems to want to develop his character a bit more. So, he’s hoping to show up in upcoming movies and see Negan face Rick again. “I’m not sure what is planned for these films. I’m waiting like you to hear about Ricky Grimes’ movie. I have my own idea for possible films. And I still cling to the story of Negan based on the comics of Robert Kirkman. I would like to film that. Said The Walking Dead actor on Twitter.

So, will Negan also get his own movie? In any case, the actor seems motivated to the idea of ​​offering more space to the villain in the universe of The Walking Dead. Nevertheless, for the moment, AMC has not confirmed anything. The channel initially seems to want to focus on the new spin-off of the series.


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