The Walking Dead: an old character could return!


The Walking Dead fans are waiting for the return of season 10. The showrunner could make Carl return in a spin-off!

Several years ago, fans of The Walking Dead faced Carl’s death. However, this character could soon return! Please note, the article contains spoilers!

The world of zombies is only expanding on the AMC channel. Indeed, after having had The Walking Dead, the chain made a spin-off: TWD. Then, next April, fans will be able to see another spin-off that will take place ten years after the apocalypse. This series is called World Beyond and it will be made a little more for teenagers. However, Scott M Gimple has other plans in mind.

A few years ago, fans of The Walking Dead wanted the showrunner a lot. Indeed, Carl was bitten by a zombie and the young man had ended up dying. Fans loved this character and he had become important over the seasons. So, they wanted a lot of it for production. Today, it looks like Scott M Gimple is ready to give Carl a chance!

Carl and other leading characters from The Walking Dead could return to the small screen. In any case, this was what the showrunner suggested during an interview for EW. He wants to give a second life to a few dead characters so that nostalgic fans can find them. “I’m trying to think of different things that we could show during the year. By focusing on characters that we miss and that we have lost. “He confided.

But then, how could Carl and the other characters return to The Walking Dead? In fact, Scott Gimple plans to make a mini-series around the characters. Besides, he ensures that this series will have nothing to do with the initial series or its spin-offs. However, this will allow Carl or Abraham to be seen one last time. “It’s great to be able to play with characters we’ve lost and to be able to fill in the gaps. he said. For his part, Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl seems to be delighted with this idea!


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