“Walking Dead” Gets a Supernatural Revival thanks to Ryan Reynolds and his “Maximum Effort” Endurance


Who knew that commercial breaks could be fun? Ryan Reynolds has proven time and time again that he is a creative genius. The comedian has managed to expand his opportunities from starring in movies to participating in American Gin, Mint Mobile SIM card company, Wrexham AFC football club, and now in commercial breaks. He remained the face of his business thanks to effective advertising with a touch of humor.

Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey founded the production company Maximum Effort in 2018. She co-produced various major films, including “Deadpool 2”, “Free Guy”, “Project Adam”, etc. Now that the last season of “The Walking Dead” has come out, Reynolds Company has released a hilariously unique advertisement, adding an element of the show to it.

How did Ryan Reynolds bring back the characters of “The Walking Dead” with the help of advertising?

“Dereklama” only adds spice to “The Walking Dead”. The commercial was made exclusively for the eleventh and final season of the zombie show, in which the previous zombie characters from the show cheerfully return. The video begins with Rodney, whose head fell off a pike. With the phone on his side, he orders DoorDash with a severed finger. Milton Roberts then presented the Autodesk ad as he promotes it on the “DED” stage (chosen from the title of the TEDx show).

The third commercial was dedicated to the Ring doorbell, in which Gareth from West skillfully avoided people without opening the door. He would “literally rather die again” than open it. The latest promotion of Andrea Dellloitte from Holden guarantees that “the biggest, smartest and juiciest brains” will help the company shape its future. All this time, she’s like a zombie walking on glass jars that probably contain brains.

Although the real brand that shines through advertising is MNTN marketers. Reynolds sold the company. But he remains the chief creative director, and by the end he also appeared in a commercial. It is unknown how useful this commercial break will be in the future, but Reynolds, nevertheless, made an effort to do so.

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Meanwhile, now that the eleventh season has been released, you can watch “The Walking Dead” on Netflix.


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