The Walking Dead: Director wanted Maggie to kill Negan


“The Walking Dead” director Greg Nicotero has revealed an alternate plot in which Maggie would murder Negan at the start of season 8.

While in the broadcast scene, it was Rick who cut Negan’s throat out of respect for Carl’s wishes, however, Nicotero imagined it differently.

Nicotero revealed: “I said to Scott Gimple, the producer of the show,‘ I think Maggie should shoot him. Maggie should be the one to kill Negan, or shoot him or do something, why is he there. ”

In the show, Maggie threatens to shoot her after Negan murdered her husband Glenn, leaving her alone with her son.

On the other hand, the end of the tenth season of “The Walking Dead” was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, also delaying the start of season 11. AMC confirmed that post-production of the season finale will not be possible during confinement.


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