Walker Season 2: What is known about the launch, trailer and plot of episode 15


One of the new shows on The CW television network that has been wreaking havoc among viewers is Walker, which features the participation of one of the protagonists of the Supernatural series, Jared Padalecki, who now plays Cordell Walker. However, this is what is known about episode 15 of season 2 of the new drama.

During Walker Season 2 Episode 14, viewers watched as Cordell and Geri (Odette Annable) had a great time as a couple at the annual Ranger Carnival. On the other hand, Stella (Violet Brinson) was also trying to enjoy the day with her boyfriend, Todd (Cameron Vitosh). But, things got awkward when one of her crushes, Colton (Jalen Thomas Brooks), also approached her to try and talk to her.

However, Captain James (Coby Bell) was meeting Cassie (Ashley Reyes) at the carnival, until he ran into Trey (Jeff Pierre), James awkwardly telling him that Cassie was Cordell’s new mate. However, this soon turned into a heated conversation when Fenton Cole appeared, and she confronted him about not giving her the case files of her former partner, Miles.

Now Walker Season 2 Episode 15 will see Cordell meeting a prisoner who once betrayed him in the past during a case. But the question is whether he will accept her help this time, because the situation seems to be getting worse and he doesn’t really know who to trust. Although the trailer seems to show that he will take a big risk.

Walker Season 2 Episode 15 titled “Bygones”, will be released on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 8 p.m. m. ET (Eastern Time), on The CW television network. In addition, the program is available on the YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video platforms, who upload the chapter the day after it was broadcast in its original place.

Currently, the popularity of Walker continues to increase, due to the fact that the main actors of the Supernatural series, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are working on this new project. Padalecki as the lead and Ackles as a producer for some of the drama’s episodes.