Walker: Actress Lindsey Morgan’s decision to leave the role of Micki Ramírez


Micki Ramirez, played by Lindsey Morgan, began the series as the latest recruit in the Texas Rangers, joining Cordell Walker as his new partner while in a serious romantic relationship with boyfriend Trey Barnett, whom he met during his previous military service. And in many ways, Walker Season 2 has been building towards Micki’s eventual departure, leaving open the possibility of her possible return in the future.

After Walker was nearly killed by a sniper working for the local crime syndicate, the Northside Nation, Micki decided to go on an undercover mission to find out who was responsible and trap Serrano, the head of the Northside Nation for good. By the start of Season 2, Micki had gotten far enough into the inner circle of the Northside Nation that he began meeting directly with Serrano.

However, to further complicate matters, Serrano’s close confidant was Garrison, Micki’s ex-fiancé. While he immediately recognized Micki, Garrison agreed to help the Texas Rangers take down his boss, only to die before Micki’s horrified eyes as the resulting raid turns violent.

Behind the scenes, Lindsey Morgan announced that she was leaving Walker and her role as Micki from her shortly after the season two premiere last October. The actress called her decision to leave The CW series “incredibly difficult” and praised the cast and crew for the opportunity to join them as Micki. Morgan’s announcement prompted co-star/executive producer Jared Padalecki and showrunner Anna Fricke to compliment the actress’s contributions to the series while wishing her well, with Jared Padalecki calling Morgan “a friend”. No details were given on what informed the actress’s decision, with Lindsey Morgan citing “personal reasons” as to why she ultimately walked away from the series.

With the door open for Micki’s possible return from San Antonio, hopefully fans will see Morgan reprise his role as Ranger in some capacity in the future, if only to get some closure with Trey and the friends he left behind.

Meanwhile, The CW has ordered a pilot for a spin-off. The project is currently titled Walker: Independence and will be co-written by Anna Fricke and Seamus Fahey. The series will follow the origins of the Walker family in the 19th century and will focus on Abby Walker, who flees to Independence, Texas, after witnessing the death of her husband on her journey west.