Waitress receives a new car as a tip from some regulars


A couple of regulars at a New Jersey restaurant surprised their favorite waitress with a very generous tip: a car.

Lisa Ayala and Jason Medina, regulars at the Empire Diner in Brooklawn, gifted a Nissan Altima to their favorite waitress, Lisa Mollett, as a tip after she served them food last Sunday.

Mollett, who has been serving the couple for about two years, broke down in tears when she received the car.

“There are a lot of nice people, but I don’t think a lot of people give a waitress a car as a tip,” Mollett told WPVI-TV.

Ayala and Medina said that they bought the Altima years ago, but that they had not used it much lately, since they had new cars.

They remembered that Mollett had told them about the problems her car was giving her. They wanted to do something nice for her as she had been unemployed for months due to COVID-19.

Empire Diner owner Dervis Akturk said Mollett is the favorite waitress of numerous regulars.

“She loves her job,” Arturk said. “When she does, she puts her love and puts it all there. And customers see it. She became someone like one of their families. ”

For her love and dedication, she now has a car that she is infinitely grateful for.


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