Wait, WWE superstar Charlotte Flair is fighting in Rick Flair’s last match?


Ric Flair’s latest match has been promoted by the man himself for some time, and finally it’s not far off. And what’s even more exciting is the list of wrestlers who will join him during the event. Fleur will team up with Andrade El Idolo to fight Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, and it’s possible that another major WWE superstar could also compete. At least that’s what some people think after Flair hinted that Charlotte Flair could potentially throw her hands off during his big night.

During the recent release of Ric Flair’s podcast “To Be The Man”, the host learned about Jeff Jarrett’s disparaging comments about his wrestling partner Andrade El Idolo. Jarrett insulted Andrade’s skills as a performer and suggested that his success in wrestling was largely due to his connection with his wife Charlotte Flair. The nature boy laughed at this statement and after a while noticed that his daughter would not take too kindly to these remarks. From there, he speculated that she might try to step into the action on his big night:

Can I tell you something right now? And I say this from the bottom of my heart, and you know her very well. Jeff, if she sees him behind the curtain, she can beat the shit out of Ashley before he gets to the fucking ring. She is standing next to her man. God, I wouldn’t want her rushing at me at 100 miles an hour. It wasn’t a very smart comment, especially for her husband. If she doesn’t come, I know she’s there right now. Both he and Karen [Jarrett], they both better walk around her on glass.

It’s pretty funny, and I’m sure a lot of wrestling fans would go crazy if Charlotte Flair had some kind of behind-the-scenes fight with Jeff and Karen Jarrett, or even somehow participated in her father’s match. It’s quite rare to see a WWE performer of her caliber participate in independent events, especially when they have a valid contract.

Ric Flair is a legend with many iconic moments in his career, and he still remains a major figure in the industry. Thus, one would think that this status, combined with his major retirement match, could provide some exceptions to any clauses of Charlotte Flair’s contract with WWE that would not allow her to participate. On the other hand, Charlotte is one of the biggest superstars of the organization, so I also see that the top management does not want to risk that she will harm herself in the event that the company does not benefit. However, it’s worth mentioning that Jeff Jarrett will be a special guest judge the night before the event during SummerSlam (which is on the full list of upcoming WWE events). WWE is allowing Jarrett to fight, despite the fact that he returned to WWE as an employee in May, does this mean that Charlotte can participate in Ric Flair’s last match?

If Charlotte Flair does appear in “The Last Match,” it will be the first time she has wrestled since losing her SmackDown women’s title to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash. As we reported earlier, Flair’s absence was planned, not a cause for concern, and soon after she married husband Andrade El Idolo (this was a rather unexpected turn considering that she and El Idolo briefly separated in 2021). Flair is expected to return to WWE, although it’s not entirely clear when that will happen. If she doesn’t return to SummerSlam, it would be very interesting to see her perform at her father’s event the following night. I would be glad to see her two nights in a row, but, of course, for now all this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Rick Flair’s last match will take place on Sunday, July 31, and wrestling fans can watch this event and get information about the broadcast on the official website. WWE fans with a premium Peacock subscription will most likely tune in to SummerSlam on the eve of July 30 and see how a night full of exciting matches will begin at 20:00 ET.