Wait, why wasn’t Armor Wars at Comic-Con 2022? (Is it still coming?)


Marvel’s Armor Wars didn’t appear at Comic-Con 2022, so many have one question left: Is it still coming out? Marvel introduced the entire Phase 5 MCU on its live performance panel, as well as several Phase 6 projects, but Armor Wars was noticeably absent from the lineup. Marvel can’t just forget about the project, so there must be a good reason for not having Armor Wars on the Marvel Comic-Con 2022 panel.

Announced in December 2020, Armor Wars is an upcoming MCU Disney+ show set to follow Don Cheadle’s James “Roadie” Rhodes, also known as “War Machine.” Since the series was adapted from a popular comic book and starred one of the longest-lived MCU heroes, interest in Armor Wars before Comic-Con 2022 was relatively high. I didn’t plan to brag about the series. Although almost every MCU project was demonstrated in one way or another, the Armor Wars series from War Machine was never mentioned, which led many to assume the cancellation of the show.

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Although it seems that the show is still a long way off, it was recently confirmed that Armor Wars is not being canceled. Showrunner Yasir Lester spoke about the absence of Armor Wars in an already deleted Instagram story that read: “I promise she’s still coming out.” So, although the show has not been canceled, there are a lot of factors that could explain its absence. The first explanation is that the show may face a delay. It’s possible that Marvel’s management postponed the release of the series to fit into the broader history of the MCU, as they have done with projects in the past. Armor Wars may also have production issues. Filming of the series was supposed to begin in the fall of 2022, but since there was not a word about the series, except for a comment by Yasir Lester, it is likely that these plans have changed. Armor Wars is clearly delayed, and while the series is definitely still coming out, the reason for its delay and the new release window are still unknown.

What phase of the MCU is Armor Wars in?

Since most of Phase 5 of the MCU and parts of Phase 6 have been announced, it may be easier to determine why Armor Wars wasn’t at Comic-Con and when it will be released. The answer to all these questions is most likely related to another upcoming MCU series: “Secret Invasion”. The secret invasion involves various MCU characters captured by Captain Marvel’s werewolf aliens known as Skrulls. Many theorists believe that the “War Machine” is one of the few Avengers that the Skrull has replaced, and that the “Secret Invasion” will reveal this twist. If this were true, it would make sense for War Machine not to release its own series until this plot is resolved, which could explain why Armor Wars is now coming out much later than Secret Invasion. It is actually confirmed that War Machine appears in Secret Invasion, which makes this theory more likely. So, since Phase 5 seems to be already full, and there are still a few empty slots in the MCU Phase 6, it’s more likely that Armor Wars will come out at the beginning of Phase 6.

While it’s sad that Armor Wars wasn’t at Comic-Con 2022, its absence actually hints at exciting future MCU storylines. At first there were rumors of cancellation, but the showrunner of the series quickly dispelled these fears. The release of Armor Wars is still a long way off, but the potential reasons for the delay of Phase 6 make the show even more exciting.

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