Wait, James Cameron might not direct future Avatar sequels?


After several years of development hell, when James Cameron tried to write two Avatar sequels, they turned into four Avatar sequels. The sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all time is finally almost ready. Fans are looking forward to “Avatar: The Way of Water”, as well as “Avatar 3”, which was filmed in parallel. The franchise will then move on to Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, but that could happen without James Cameron.

In a recent interview with Empire, James Cameron admitted that the production of Avatar sequels takes up all his time, and he will have to choose between making more Avatar films and doing all the other things he wants. do with your time. He stops to say that he won’t make the next two films, but shows that this thought is on his mind. Cameron says…

By themselves, the Avatar films absorb everything. I have other exciting things that I’m developing. I think that over time — I do not know, after three or after four — I will want to pass the baton to a director I trust to take responsibility so that I can do other things that I am also interested in. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

This is a potentially shocking turn of events, on par with Steven Spielberg’s decision not to shoot “Indiana Jones 5.” In both cases, we were talking about film franchises that are strongly attached to their directors.

The plan, as far as we knew, was for Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 to be filmed together, as well as the second and third parts. It seems that this idea is also in motion, as James Cameron suggests that he can still shoot the fourth part, but not the fifth, indicating that they can be handled separately. Or perhaps he could find a director willing to take on both sequels.

That’s not all…