Wait, Is Wendy Williams Changing Her Plans After The Talk Show After Her Rehab Is Over?


Wendy Williams really didn’t have a very good year. Due to a number of serious health problems, the presenter did not participate in her favorite talk show throughout the 13th season, which led to several rumors about her mental health and ability to take care of herself. On top of that, her absence led to her series being canceled and replaced in the TV program for 2022. While the former TV star seemed to be on the mend, news broke about a month ago that she had indeed entered a rehabilitation center to help her cope with alcohol. However, now that she’s home, can the famous queen of “Hot Topics” change her plans after the talk show?

How can Wendy Williams change her plans after a talk show now that she’s out of rehab?
No one would blame the former radio star if she was a little upset by the fact that her popular (though sometimes problematic) daytime hit was replaced by a hit hosted by Sherri Shepherd, who really became famous as a guest host who performed a cover of Williams. However, any of these potential disappointments are likely overshadowed by the fact that she was able to recover from some health issues, including completing a stay in rehab. Earlier this year, her manager said she was putting together a podcast to pursue her career as a celebrity speaker, but now Page Six reports that she may have a very different plan up her sleeve.

The publication spoke with the owner of Fresco Scotto and Good Day New York co-host Rosanna Scotto, who said about her “friend”:

She likes meatballs at Fresco, and the last time I talked to her, she said: “Okay, Roseanne, I’m going to Fresco and I want meatballs, and then you’re going to help me open my own restaurant.” I’m like, “What, Sister, do you want to take my people to your restaurant?”…She told me that she wants to open her own restaurant and wants me to help… If there is a [restaurant] from Wendy, it will be a lot of competition, but I love her.

The opening of the restaurant, of course, will be a big change compared to how the star made a name for himself before. She became famous as a radio host in New York, which turned into a career as a writer (she published several popular science and fiction works), a comedian, a designer of clothes and wigs, and, of course, a TV presenter. Anyway, all this proves that if anyone can make such an entrepreneurial leap, it’s Williams.

How is Wendy Williams’ health after rehabilitation?

It will take a lot of time and effort to open a restaurant, and fortunately, it seems that talent is now in a much better position to potentially take on such a job. After almost two months in a wellness center to try to cope with her addiction problems again, her representative Sean Zanotti noted in a statement:

We are pleased to announce that Wendy Williams is at home and recovering from her stay at the wellness center since August. Wendy is excited about the journey ahead and is looking forward to releasing her many projects.

The representative also said a few words that came from the most famous lady, and added: “Thank you to my fans for your love, support and many prayers, I am back and better than ever.” So hopefully soon we’ll see if her “many projects” include both a planned podcast and a brand new restaurant.


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