Wait, is that Paul Rudd in the movie “Bob’s Burgers”?!


As unexpected as it may seem, blockbuster star Paul Rudd briefly appears in the movie “Bob’s Burgers”, reprising the cameo role he played in the episode “Bob’s Burgers”. Although “Bob’s Burgers” is not as famous for its celebrity cameos as “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” thanks to the series’ more down-to-earth and intimate tone, the series has still welcomed quite a few famous faces over the years of its 12-season run. . Jon Hamm, Bill Hader and Katherine Hahn have been voicing the cult hit for many years, and Jenny Slate regularly plays a supporting role in Bob’s Burgers.

However, unlike The Simpsons movie, Bob’s Burgers is a relatively self—contained and modest adventure. The movie “Bob’s Burgers” features several new characters, and the locations of the theatrical spin-off are almost completely limited to a small shipyard in the usual episodes of “Bob’s Burgers”. Despite this, viewers watching the movie “Bob’s Burgers” are likely to recognize the voice of one major movie star during a surreal episode.

At the beginning of Bob’s Burgers, Paul Rudd reprises his role as Tina’s beloved imaginary horse friend, Jericho. Jericho, previously seen in season 6 of Bob’s Burgers, episode 17 of The Rider, was an imaginary horse whose existence convinced Bob and Linda that they needed to send their daughter to an equestrian camp. The real thing eventually paled in comparison to Rudd’s imaginary friend, resulting in him reappearing in a fantasy episode at the beginning of the movie Bob’s Burgers, where Tina rides horses on the beach with her long-time unrequited love interest Jimmy Jr.

Who is Paul Rudd playing in Bob’s Burgers?

While much of the Bob’s Burgers movie avoids the large-scale blockbusters of the TV show’s previous transitions from screen to cinema, there is an early episode that features some animation that would be too ambitious for a standard Bob’s Burgers episode. Gene imagines himself as a rock star giving a huge concert on the pier, only for alien robots to descend on the stage and reject his efforts. Meanwhile, Tina imagines herself and Jimmy Jr. riding horses together on the beach, and this is where Jericho Radda appears in his comeback.

Rudd’s horse questions Tina’s judgment about her fantastic transition, prompting Jimmy Jr. to do the same and eventually leading to the sequence itself falling apart. Although in the finale of Bob’s Burgers, Tina finally takes a step towards Jimmy Jr. beyond her hyperactive imagination, Rudd’s cameo role is limited to his brief voice role during this scene. However, it’s still more than a pleasant and very unexpected surprise for Bob’s Burgers fans, who might reasonably have thought Rudd would be too busy with big-budget commitments to reprise his relatively minor previous role in a comic cameo role in The Bob’s Burgers. Movie.