Wait, is Drake really DM’ing a 90-day Fianceeé Star after a breakup?


The stars of “The 90-day groom” break up all the time, but it’s not often that the big stars of the franchise, such as Chantelle Everett and Pedro Jimeno, announce their departure. The couple was so popular that they had their own equally dramatic by-product, and now they are fighting in court over various issues related to their separation. There are also rumors that they are moving on to other people, and Chantelle reportedly has a very famous fan in her private messages. With that said, is Drake really reaching out to the 90-day fiance star?

The current word is that Chantelle and Drake were talking through a DM, according to a Media Take Out report. Someone called Drake’s associate claimed that the Grammy-winning rapper contacted Chantelle to find out how she was feeling after breaking up with Pedro. It is also reported that she replied and that they plan to meet soon. She allegedly still hasn’t shown romantic interest in Drake, although that may change.

Now it’s worth noting that even with these claims, there is no actual evidence that Chantelle Everett is in contact with Drake. However, Chantelle is following him on Instagram, and although Drake doesn’t follow her back, he’s following the famous Darcy Silva from 90 Day Fiancé (who probably listened to a few of his songs after breaking her heart with Tom Brooks). It’s not really enough to confirm that he had any contact with Chantelle, but it’s interesting that he’s following a member of the franchise.

It is claimed that this is not the first time Drake has contacted the cast of the 90-day Groom. Before the participant of the third season of “90 days” Caesar Mack claimed in 2021 that Drake watched the show and also contacted him, not unlike what allegedly happened to Chantelle. At the time, it was difficult to verify Caesar’s statement because Drake does not publicly refer to his 90-day fiance fandom if he is a fan. Other celebrities like Seth Rogen have openly revealed that they watch the TLC series, so why not Drake?

Of course, there is another opportunity here, and one that the participants of 90 Day Fiancé have experienced in the past. It is quite possible that there is someone on the network who likes the “90-day groom”, and he poses as Drake to talk to the stars of the franchise. I’m sure it would be a bit difficult to do, given Drake’s very massive and confirmed presence on social media, but the right story can fool almost anyone. I hope someone wouldn’t do that to Chantelle, given everything that’s going on in her life.

The Chantelle Family airs on TLC on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Now is the perfect time to tune in to what happened between Chantelle and Pedro, and other details about how the two became the franchise’s last major couple to break up. Those looking for something else can certainly benefit from watching the new arriving shows, as there are some really interesting things on the way.


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