Wait, how much does the real housewives legend Teresa Giudice’s wedding hair cost?


There is no single wedding. Some people want 500 guests. Others want 12. Some people want to get married in church with bridesmaids. Other people prefer to fly to Vegas. Whatever your ideal holiday is, you can bring it to life, at least if you have the right budget. This last part gets in the way of most people, but fortunately for the “Real Housewives” legend Teresa Giudice, it wasn’t a problem, at least when it came to her hair. The longtime reality TV star chose a hairstyle that cost quite a lot.

According to E Online, Teresa Giudice’s wedding hairstyle cost $9,500. I’ll just pause for a second and repeat it as if we were just gossiping about it on the couch as friends. 9500 dollars! She spent almost $10,000 on her hair. Given the laws of rounding, you can even just say $10,000 and you won’t go wrong. And look, I write all the time about the wild price tags of celebrities. Here’s an article about how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck bought a house with 17 bathrooms. Usually I’m not surprised at how much things cost for famous people, but here I’m still a little scared.

Let’s dig further and look at the breakdown. Apparently, it was $7,000 for a chignon and $2,500 for the work of stylist Lucia Casazza. I also thought it was a lot, but apparently it took me more than two hours to get out of it even after the wedding was over. This is because it is, in fact, three pieces of mesh, clips and 1500 invisible, supporting seven bundles of keratin extensions.

The good news is that her hair looked great. Some haters from cheap places say it’s too extravagant or some nonsense, but this is the wedding of real housewives. Basically, a lot of success is expected, and this hair is halfway to God.

As for the wedding itself, it took place last weekend at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The groom was Luis Ruelas, and by all accounts it was a beautiful ceremony with an outrageous cake. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this thing yet, it might be louder than Theresa’s hair. However, given the whole “Real Housewives” thing, that’s what I’m here for. Some people have to push the boundaries of what is permissible at a wedding, and this requires such personalities.

After the wedding, Judis posted a vivid video on Instagram in which she told about everything that happened and thanked everyone for their participation and help in organizing the celebration. In case you’re wondering, yes, her stylist was among those thanked, and that’s fair.


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